Information Guide

Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho

Dear Valued Guests,

Thank your for booking your stay at Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho, part of the Kyoto Machiya Collection. We are delighted to have you as our guests and we look forward to providing you an exceptional stay.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the phone number or emails provided below.


Yusuke inoue – Hotel Manager

Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho

Reservation at

For general inquiry and reservation assistance.

+81-80-2375-3404 (Phone/whatsapp)

If the above number is busy, please try +81-90-1524-0550 (phone only)

Visit our website

Check-in Time: From 3PM
Check-out Time: Before 11AM
※ We offer self-checkout at our hotel. Guests can leave any time before 11am without the need to inform our hotel staff.


Hotel Address in English

258 Zeniyacho,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8303

Hotel Address in Japanese

〒600-8303 京都市下京区銭屋町258

Hotel Location


– From Airport

Direct from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho 

By Shared Shuttle Bus – Directly to Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho (approx.
90 minutes in normal traffic conditions but please note this bus may
take up to almost 3 hours if heavy traffic. Starts from 5,000 yen per
person). Please reserve directly on the website

Directions from Kansai International Airport to JR Kyoto Station

Option 1: By Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” (approx. 80 minutes to arrive at JR Kyoto Station about 3,110 yen per person for non-reserved seats and about 3,640 yen for reserved seats). Please refer to the latest information from the official website

Option 2: Airport Bus (approx. 90 minutes to arrive at JR Kyoto Station and 2,600 yen per person). You can take a bus from Kansai Airport Bus Terminal to JR Kyoto Station. Please refer to the latest information from Kaisai Airport Bus official website below. Travel time depends on traffic. We suggest Option 1 above if you prefer a
more accurate travel time

– From JR Station

Option 1: By Taxi (approx. 5 minutes and 900 yen).
We suggest guests to get off the taxi at Super Hotel Gojo and walk 2 minutes to our machiya hotel. As our hotel is located on a small street, many taxi cannot drive onto the street and drop you off right outside our hotel. If you get off at Super Hotel, it is a very easy 2 minutes walk and just a straight road.

Option 2: By Train (approx. 15 minutes @ 220 yen per person) Take the “Karasuma Line” and get off at “Gojo Station”. Take station Exit No 8 and then walk 2 minutes to our hotel. If you have heavy luggage you can also take station Exit No 6 with elevator. Map is included on the next page for your reference.

Directions to Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho from Gojo Station
The closest station exit to our hotel is Exit No 8 If elevator is needed, please use station Exit No 6

Exterior of Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho
The exterior of our hotel is decorated with indigo and vermillion fabric curtains. Please look for a building like the below.

Your Machiya House
Please refer to your hotel booking to check which machiya house you have reserved with us as we have two machiya houses on site.

If you have reserved the machiya house named "SHU", please access the door with the vermilion color curtain hanging at the front

If you have reserved the machiya house named "AI" please access the door with the indigo color curtain hanging at the front

On Arrival,

Once you have arrived at our hotel, please use the telephone installed near the door entrance to contact us. Please press the “VIP” button and our hotel staff will provide you with instructions on how to access your machiya house using the keypad. Our hotel staff will also visit you later at your machiya house to complete the check-in progress and assist you should you have any questions.

Option Sales

Guests at our Kyoto Machiya Collection™ hotels can now place orders online for breakfast, dinner, cake, flowers etc directly on our website.

If you are looking for something special that is not here, kindly contact our staff via email ( and we will endeavour to assist to make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Meal Option

Japanese Kaiseki To Breakfast And More…

Special Moment

Let Us Help You To Make Your Memory More Special

Japanese Yukata

Enjoy Our Japanese Traditional Bathrobe At Your Own Home


  • Breakfast is not available between 27 Dec to 4 Jan, and on days when restaurant is closed
  • Dinner is not available between 25 Dec to 10 Jan, and on days when restaurant is closed
  • If the restaurant is closed unexpectedly, we will not be able to provide meals but will issue a full refund to our guests
  • Dishes may vary depending on season
  • Minimum order of 2 sets are required
  • Please order at least 5 days in advance
  • We cannot refund if cancelled with less than 3 days notice
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate for special dietary requirements
  • Kid set can be ordered when an adult set is ordered


-Drinks in Regrigerator

All drinks in the refrigerator are complimentary for our guests.

-Assistance Service

We are very happy to assist our guests with resturant reservations, transportation arrangements, cake and flower deliveries, and room decorations for birthdays or any other special occasions. Please contact us via email on to let us know your requests.

-Check-in Early & Late Check-out

Similar to other hotels,  we cannot guarantee to provide early check-in or late check-out as it is solely dependent on availability.

-Luggage Storage

Upon Arrival
If you arrive at our hotel after 12pm, it may be possible to leave your uggage inside your machiya house while we undertake housekeeping. If you wish to do so, please inform us in advance via your reservation platform or email us at

Upon Departure
Unfortunately, we cannot store your luggage for you upon departure as we do not have sufficient space on site. But the nearest coin lockers are just 2 minutes from our hotel and they are located inside Subway Gojo Station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I check-in early?

We are afraid that due to cleaning time, we cannot arrange an early check-in. However, if you arrive after 12pm, you can store your luggage in your room while the room is undergoing cleaning.

Q: Can I check-out late?

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange a late check-out as cleaning needs to start at 11am for the next guest. However, guests can use our complimentary hotel lockers to store their luggage after check-out. Our hotel staff will inform you which locker you can use at the time of check-in. But due to the limited number of lockers we have available, we cannot guarantee all of your luggage can be stored if our lockers are full.

Q. Do you serve breakfast at your hotel and what time is breakfast served?

Yes. Breakfasts are available. Breakfasts can be served between 8am – 8:30am. Please refer to our breakfast menu shown on Page 10 and please order your breakfast at least 5 days in advance.

Q. Do you serve dinner at your hotel and what time is dinner served?

Yes. Dinners are available. Please refer to our dinner menu shown on Page 10 and please order your dinner at least 5 days in advance.

Q. How often does the hotel provide housekeeping?

Full housekeeping service is provided every 2nd day. We understand that some guests prefer not to have cleaning staff enter their machiya during their stay. Please let us know if housekeeping service is not required and we will provide you with fresh towels.

Q: What restaurants are available near your hotel?

There are many highly rated restaurants near our hotel and you can find our recommendations at the end of this guide. Please let us know if you have any particular cuisine or restaurant you would like to try, we will be more than happy to provide you with our recommendations and help make table reservations on your behalf.

Q. Can you make a restaurant reservation for me?

Yes. We are happy to do that. Please let us know the name of the restaurant, number of diners and at least 2 preferable time slots. However, please note that some restaurants in Japan do not accept reservations from diners who cannot speak Japanese or reservations made by a third-party, and some restaurants do require reservations to be made online directly with a credit card deposit. Should this be the case, we apologize in advance that we cannot help our guests to reserve the restaurant.

You may wish to consider using reservation websites such as Table All or Open Table for booking restaurants as it includes many famous restaurants in Kyoto

Q. Is the hotel reception open 24 hours?

No, hotel staff are based at the hotel from 8am to 6pm. However, we are only 5 minutes away from the hotel. Should you require assistance or have any emergency matters. please contact us by using the phone on the wall in the common area, or call +81-90-1524- 0550 (WhatsApp Available). In the unlikely event that the number is busy please also try calling +81-75-755-6064.

Q: Can I send my luggage to your hotel?

Yes. Please provide the below address to the delivery company when sending your luggage to our hotel:

Kyoto Machiya 銭屋町 (Kyoto Machiya Collection)
TEL: 080-2375-3404

*Please make sure to add your room name (“SHU” or “AI”); Otherwise, the luggage might not be delivered to your room correctly by the delivery company.

※配送手配をお手伝い頂いている方へ 必ずどの部屋かと希望の配達時間をゲスト様 から聞き取り記載お願いします。部屋は『藍AI (青の暖簾)』と『朱SHU (赤の暖

Time of Delivery: Please choose a delivery timeslot that allows you to be able to personally accept the luggage (For example, if you will be at the machiya from 4pm to 6pm kindly request for this delivery time). We highly recommend guests to accept the luggage personally to ensure the correct luggage are delivered to avoid potential travel disruptions.

Q: Can I send my luggage from your hotel?

You can bring your luggage to a luggage collection point near our hotel (3 minutes walk) and they will arrange luggage delivery for you to your next destination. Our hotel staff can assist you to create a delivery form for you to take to the collection point. If you
need us to help you with filling out the delivery form, please let our hotel staff know.

Resturant Recommendations


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Kyoroyori Fujimoto


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