FAQS for Kyoto Machiya Fukune

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This FAQ is for Kyoto Machiya Fukune. If you are inqurying for Kyoto Machiya Zeniyacho, please visit FAQ for Kyoto Machiva Zeniyacho

Assistance Service

Yes, we are happy to do that. Please let us know the name of the restaurant, number of diners and at least 2 preferable time slots. However, please note that some restaurants in Japan do not accept reservations from diners who cannot speak Japanese or reservations made by a third-party, and some restaurants do require reservations to be made online directly with a credit card deposit. Should this be the case, we apologize in advance that we cannot help our guests to reserve these restaurants. You may wish to consider using restaurant reservation service platforms such as OPEN TABLE and TABLE ALL.

Can you arrange transportation on our behalf?

Checking Kira-san what they want to respond.


Yes, we are happy to do that. Please email us at to let us know your interests together with your check-in date and the full name used for your booking. We will email you back with some recommendations.